Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hot Interiors

We’re in the midst of summer, and everything is heating up in the interior design world. There are several hot trends right now that we absolutely love!
If you’re planning to update your home’s interior design, or getting ready to move in to your new home within the next couple of months, check out what is trending this season.
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  1. Green with Envy: Create statement walls with emerald green, one of this season’s hottest colors. A dramatic effect can be created by coordinating gold and black accents in the rooms’ accessories. If emerald green is too bold for your taste, then paint the walls either white or taupe and add emerald green features for a fresh faced look. It will look just as great, and will still be on trend.
  2. Au Natural: This trend is super easy to accomplish with your homes current interior design scheme! Creating an earthy look can be done by adding wooden accents in furniture, flooring and accessories. One great feature about the Au Natural trend is wood comes in several different shades and finishes suitable for all design tastes. Complete the look with a neutral shade on the wall, and one bold accent color such as a deep purple, green or blue. A trial run of the Au Natural trend can be accomplished by replacing the rooms’ current coffee, side and dining tables with rustic wood tables.
  3. Stripes: Wide, Skinny, and Chevron: We cannot stress enough how hot stripes are right now! It doesn’t matter if they are skinny, wide, horizontal, vertical or chevron, everyone wants them in their home! And they are a great way to create an illusion in any room!If you want to create width and space within a room, then wide horizontal stripes are a great option! A room can be given height by adding skinny vertical stripes. A wall accented in chevron is a bold design move that will give the room character! Coordinate the rest of the interior with softer, neutral shades. Vertical, horizontal, and chevron stripes are a big design commitment! If you’re not ready to commit then consider adding furniture and accent pieces with stripes in softer shades that coordinate with your current design scheme. 
If you have questions about this summer’s trends, contact us on our blog or Facebook page and we will point you in the direction of several great articles and photographs.