Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Right Move

Selecting the right moving company for you and your family is critical to the success of your move into a brand new home. The right movers help you feel at ease while they are moving your personal belongings, family heirlooms and other important household items.

It’s hard to pinpoint what qualities define a perfect moving company, but we do know quite a few of the ones that should alert you to keep looking! And don’t worry, you’ll know when you have found the right mover!

  1. A professional moving company should always offer, and agree to come and inspect the quantity and weight of the items they will be moving prior to giving a customer an estimate. Companies that choose to give estimates over the phone, without an inspection will often “low-ball” the price upfront, and increase the cost after the move.

  1. Never select a moving company who is not willing to provide a local address or information regarding their licensing or insurance.

  1. If a moving company claims all contents are covered during the move by their insurance policy, then you will want to further investigate prior to signing a contract.

  1. Always be suspicious of a moving company that answers the phone with, “movers,” or “moving company.” A professional will answer telephone calls with their company name at all times.

  1. If you have already selected a moving company and they show up with an un-marked, rental moving truck, or other suspicious vehicle, do not proceed with the move.

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