Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Best of Fall

It might still feel like Summer outside, but the first day of Fall was this past Sunday! Have you started to decorate your home for the Fall season? It can be hard to find seasonal decorating inspiration when it’s a constant 90 degrees in the state of Florida, but we have compiled a few of our favorite ideas to help get you started this season!

  1. Etched Pumpkins

Decorate the front steps of your home with pumpkins in various shapes, sizes and colors. Choose a few moderately sized pumpkins to etch the numbers of your house address into the sides of the pumpkin and arrange them accordingly. Instead of using your home address you can also choose to etch initials, a name, or fall leaves.

  1. Fall Arrangements

Spend an afternoon in your local Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s to select various fall foliage and a vas to create an arrangement.  We recommend selecting red maple leaves for the focal point of the arrangement surrounded with other fall essentials. Once it’s completed, place on a mantle, window sill or side table.  

  1. Floral Pumpkins

This is the perfect centerpiece for a Thanksgiving dinner or other Fall gathering. Select a pumpkin from a local patch, preferably one with a flat bottom, and then stop by your local nursery for fall  flowers and plants.  We recommend viola, pansies, thyme, and greenleaf. To get started, cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin, scoop out the seeds, clean the inside and outside with a wipe, and line the interior with aluminum foil. Fill the pumpkin ¾ of the way with potting soil and plants.

How do you decorate your home for the Fall season? Share your tips, tricks and pictures with us on our SeaGate Homes Facebook page! And don’t forget to check back over the next few months for more Fall inspiration!