Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Landscaping

Now that Summer is gone, it’s time to spruce up your landscaping! The Fall season is a great time to not only prepare your garden for Spring, but also to lose lingering feelings of Summer. Often times the entire look and feel of a garden can be changed just by changing out an old element with one new flower, plant or tree! We have several simple ideas to please even the pickiest landscaping tastes!

  1. October Glory

One of our favorite trees for the Fall season is october glory. If your garden is lacking in color, this will add just the right amount red foliage. The best time to plant an october glory is during the month of September. Don’t leave this tree off of your must have list for next year!

  1. Confederate Rose

If you’re looking to replace last season's rose bushes, consider incorporating the Confederate rose into your garden! This beautiful flower blooms in shades of white, pink and deeper shades of red. It will also effortlessly transition your garden from Fall, to Winter, and finally to Spring!

  1. Blue Stars

Another great transitional flower is Hubricht’s blue star. The blue star is traditionally a Spring flower, but continues to look great during Fall when its leaves change to a golden hue. They are also perfect for Florida since they require moderate amounts of sun in order to thrive.

  1. Cozy Up By the Fire

If you have plenty of unutilized space in your garden consider building a fire pit. Not only are they great for Fall festivities, they are a fantastic asset throughout any season. If you’re not able to build a fire pit, a chiminea is also a wonderful addition to your landscaping. Plan enough space to add a few chairs for friends and family.

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