Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

It’s that time of the year again, time to gather up the family and head to the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkin! Pumpkins come in all different shapes, sizes and shades of orange: fat, skinny, round, or square, bright orange and buttery shades of orange. If you consider them all, finding the perfect pumpkin can be quite a challenge for you and your family.  So, how do you find the perfect pumpkin? We’re glad you asked!

Love at First Sight
When you arrive at the patch, take a quick glance around, what pumpkins catch your eye first? Gather these pumpkins together for further examination. 

Does it have a stem?
Now that you have selected a few pumpkins that are free from visible rot, bumps or other non-visually appealing characteristics, examine each one for a stem. Eliminate all stemless pumpkins. 

An Ideal Width
If you already know what design you would like to carve before heading to the pumpkin patch, bring it with you! You can compare it against each of the pumpkins to make sure there is an adequate amount of space for carving. If you’re not quite sure what design you will be carving, select a pumpkin that appear to be greater than 10 inches in diameter. 

Did you know? Pumpkins that are between 8 and 10 inches are ideal for baking pumpkin pie because they contain less stringy pulp!

Is it Ripe?
Knock on each of the remaining pumpkins. If the pumpkins produce a hollow sound, then they are likely to be ripe! If you’re at a pumpkin patch where pumpkins are still on the vine, look for pumpkins with a dry, brown stem. 

Level Headed
The final test involves placing the pumpkin on level ground, does it appear flat? If so, then you have found the perfect pumpkin! If not, start our process over in a new area of the pumpkin patch!

What characteristics do you look for in the perfect pumpkin? Share your responses with us on our SeaGate Homes Facebook page! Happy Hunting!