Saturday, October 11, 2014

Making Your New House Feel Like Home

In the coming new year, many of us will find ourselves changing our routines, our lifestyles, and sometimes, our surroundings. If you’re moving into a new place this year, including a new SeaGate home, there are a few simple tips to make yourself feel at home as quickly as possible.

Take care of the logistical stuff. The stress of moving can be a lot to deal with, but there are a few small tasks you’ll need to take care of before calling it a day in your new bedroom. Fill out a change of address form from the Post Office, and transfer all your utilities and services (cable, Internet, etc.) to your new address. Call the bank to let them know your new address.

Lock up. Your new home will feel much safer once you’ve taken care of some basic safety measures. Change your locks and your garage key code, if you have one. Make sure your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are fully functional as well.

Get familiarized. Of course you’ll want to get to know your home and decorate as soon as you can, but familiarize yourself with the community too. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors, explore shopping and dining, and go over your HOA rules again. Doing so will expedite the moving-in process, and make you feel at home that much sooner.

Make it your own. Whether you’ve bought a truckload of new furniture or want to keep your old collection, experiment with your new home’s look. Simple switches like moving the couch from one side of the TV to the other can dramatically impact the feel of your living space.